Election Guide 2015

A practical intro to the parties and issues


What's at stake this election?

Ending austerity

The economic crisis, and the measures to mitigate it, have hurt many of the economically vulnerable. With financial markets booming and jobs up, does it make sense or not to keep these measures in place?


From rising university tuition costs, to a severe teacher shortage, and a lack of school places for young children, education is an important topic.

Everyone agrees these need to be fixed, but just how to do that is up for debate.


A major theme of this election is the effect of migrants on the UK. More people come in than leave. Some people think that's a very bad thing, and some people think it's a good thing. It is perhaps the most muddled issue of the election.

Do immigrants take up housing, school places, jobs, and benefits, and suck money out of the country via remittances, or do they help grow the economy and enrich British culture?

Whether we stay together

UKIP is dead set on exiting the EU. But does the EU bring us more benefits than hassle?

The referendum on Scotland's separation was definitive...for now. A new referendum is unlikely anytime soon, and the SNP is focused on ending austerity and booting Trident (the submarines that can shoot nukes from sea) out of Scotland.

The future of the NHS

There's no doubt that the NHS is groaning under the strain of an increasing population, a lack of trained medical professionals, rising costs of care, and bureaucratic red-tape.

Fixing it, and whether to keep it public or private, is an important issue.

'But polititians are terrible people!'

Well sure, sometimes. And election campaigns can be pretty awful. (Be glad you're not living in the US. Campaigns stretch over years there and not weeks. You are so, so lucky.) But it's unfair to say that every politician is bad.

It's your job to be informed and pick the candidate (and party) who can best advocate for your needs, and the good of the people around you. If you don't know who's running in your constituency, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to find out.

The parties:




Lead by David Cameron

Key issue: continuing current course of economic correction from 2008 recession




Lead by Ed Milliband

Key issue: NHS reform/housing reform

Liberal Democrats


Radical centre

Lead by Nick Clegg

Key issue: increased funding for the NHS/protecting education funding


Scottish National Party



Lead by Nicola Sturgeon

Key issue: ending austerity/ending Trident nuclear weapons program/more Scottish devolution

Green Party



Lead by Natalie Bennett

Key issue: climate change/ending austerity/ending Trident nuclear weapons program

Plaid Cymru



Lead by Leanne Wood

Key issue: ending austerity/increased Welsh devolution


UK Independence Party



Lead by Nigel Farage

Key issue: separation from the EU/immigration reform

Want to find out who's running where you are?

Get to know your candidates. Follow them on Twitter. Stalk them on Facebook. Talk to them, ask questions, and tell them how you feel.

Postcodes don't always fit neatly in election boundaries so this lookup isn't guaranteed to be always 100% totally accurate for everybody. Your correct constituency will appear on your polling card.